Eight Smart Gardening Tricks That Everyone Should Know.

Gardening can be a blast, but it’s not always easy to master. Fortunately, there are lots of smart tips out there to help you save time and have more fun doing it. Some of the most helpful tips come from YouTube channel Grow Veg, and we’ve got eight of their best gardening hacks that every gardener should know. Maybe you already know some of these tricks, or maybe not—but for me, they’re all useful, Especially, the one with the toilet paper rolls. Pretty clever!  Read through the list and then share these tips with your friends so they can add them to their bag of tricks, too!

1. Homemade yardstick

This will save you the hassle of having to constantly pull out your yardstick every time you need to measure something. Just place a stick next to a tape measure and mark it with a Sharpie. The next time you need to keep measure the space between plants, your measuring stick will be waiting for you in the garden. Simple, but smart!


2. Toilet paper roll planters

Some plants grow better when their roots are left undisturbed. For this reason, people usually plant them right in the garden. But this can lead to problems like plant roots rotting in the cold ground.

This is where your old toilet rolls come in handy. Cut a few slits into one end of a toilet paper roll and then press the cardboard section inward to close one end of the toilet paper roll. Then, fill it with potting soil and plant it with seeds as usual. You can stop it along with others in a box so that your toilet paper rolls don’t tip over. Once it’s time to take your seedlings outside, just plant your seeds toilet paper roll and all. The cardboard will rot in the soil while your plant roots find their way out. Now, you’ll never have to pull up delicate roots again!


3. Reusable labels

Do you usually throw away your plastic plant labels at the end of the season only to come up short the next year? Reuse your old plastic labels instead. Just scrape them with sandpaper and they’ll ready to write on again in seconds!

Another way to go is to make homemade labels out of a plastic cup. Just cut the cup into thin strips and write directly on the strips.

But my favorite labeling idea is to use small stones as markers. They look great and you can use them again next year.


4. Frost guards

Protect your plants from moisture and frost during the night with terra cotta pots. Just turn the pots upside down and place them over your plants. They’ll serve as a warm and safe shelter. When you get up in the morning, remove the pots and your plants will get their daily dose of sunlight.


5. Aphid removal method

People usually either pluck aphids off with their fingers or blast them off with water. The first option is messy and the second takes a long time. Instead, just cover your hands with tape sticky side out and rub them over the infested plants. You’ll get rid of your aphids without getting dirty or wasting a lot of time or water.


6. Plastic bottle reservoirs

When it’s hot out, thirsty plants like tomatoes dry out quickly. To keep your plants moist, all you need is a large plastic bottle. Make a few small holes in the cap so when you flip the bottle upside down water can trickle out. Then, cut the bottom off of the bottle. Finally, screw the cap back on, put the bottle upside down in a pot, and plant the your veggies next to the bottle. After you fill the bottle with water, your plants’ roots will absorb the water they need.


7. Seed accelerator

Sugar pea seeds, among others, have a hard coating that makes them take longer than other plants to germinate. But if you put them in a jar of lukewarm water overnight first, they’ll have a huge head start.


8. Hanging planters

If you have a small garden, you have to be creative to use your space fully. One great tip is to go vertical with an old drain pipe. Cut it in half lengthwise and then drill holes in the bottom for drainage. Then, attach it to a wall or fence and you have a hanging planter. Choose plants that don’t need much soil and you’re in business!


Check out this video to learn more about all of these tips and two more:

Think you might use some of these clever tricks? If so, share them with your friends. Who knows, they may thank you later!

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