Should you save your childhood trophies? Chris Pratt ignites fiery debate

Chris Pratt has started a debate over how long is an appropriate time to keep your childhood trophies.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star shared a post on Instagram of his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt posing with many of the trophies she collected as a child. They ranged from “problem solving super star” to “super swimmer,” which led Chris to one important question: “once your kid goes through the stuff, is it okay to toss?”

“To see my darling wife beaming with sentiment as she opens these crates of meticulously organized keepsakes, remembering her cherished youth, makes me grateful for the efforts her folks put into archiving,” Pratt wrote. “I cannot say how proud I am of my wife for being a fourth grade problem solving superstar.”

He called his mother-in-law, Maria Shriver, “thoughtful” for keeping his wife’s trophies, but wondered did they really need something that praised her as the “most improved two year old” in swim class?

“Sorry to the other two-year-olds. You didn’t cut it. Move on. What’s that you say? She was the only two-year-old in swim class? I’m proud nonetheless.”

“I suppose that’s the payoff for the work it took to store this stuff, the smile on her face as she relives moments of her youth,” Pratt wrote. “To pray one day that your children will look back on their childhood with glee is a blessing. It is the hope of parenthood.”

But then the actor got serious and began rattling off questions, asking his followers for their opinion.

“I mean… do we need the “I was on a sports team trophy?” Can they be donated? Repurposed? How many do we gotta keep? Not all of them right? Any of them? Is there a grading scale? Like, did you win? Were you a champion? Is there a specific sentimental connection? Help me out here. Do they go back in storage?”


Rachel Rosenthal, an organizing expert, told Today there are “no rules” for when it comes to keeping sentimental items, but it’s important to ask yourself why you want to keep something like a trophy.

“People honestly don’t know what to do with them so they keep them and keep shifting them with each move or downsize within the family.”

“If you were given a huge box of them from childhood, I would review them and find a storage container that is smaller and more manageable (and know where you will store this in your house) and just keep the ones you truly have a sentimental attachment to.”

Did your parents keep your trophies or any sentimental items from your childhood? What did you do with them when you got them back?

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