Woman divides internet after encouraging people to pay rent with a credit card

Take one quick scroll through TikTok and you’ll find plenty of videos that you both agree and disagree with.

Should you recline your seat on a long-haul flight? Do we need to cancel the Pearl Milling Company and bring back Aunt Jemima syrup? The list goes on.

The particular video we’re looking at today argues the benefit of paying rent with a credit card. But does everyone agree?

Keep reading to find out.

When used correctly credit cards can be a wonderful financial tool, but use one without thought of the possible repercussions, and you might be in for a big surprise.

Meg Greer, who goes by @avintagenomad on TikTok, shared a trick she’s been doing for quite some time when it comes to paying her rent: using her credit card.

“I just went to pay my rent and I found out that I’m the only person in the entire apartment complex, which is four complexes, that uses my credit card,” she says in her video.

Greer wonders why more people don’t use credit cards to pay their rent because “I fly everywhere for free and I upgrade for free. And I have all these advantages because I put everything on my card. So y’all need to be doing that.”


#chasesapphirepreferred and @American Airlines cards are my literal ticket to paradise. I don’t spend a penny unless I get rewarded and neither should you!! Talk to your landlord or apartment manager today about using your credit cars to pay rent and plan that Christmas trip! #dailydiaryofafemalefilmmaker #chasesapphirepreferred #americanairlines #creditcardtravelpoints #travelhack #solofemaletraveler

♬ original sound – avintagenomad

People in the comment section were swift in responding why they didn’t use their credit card to pay their rent.

Some people stated their apartment complexes didn’t allow credit card transactions.

“Not all complexes allow for this, otherwise I would’ve been doing it ages ago,” a user named Rachel wrote.


Others commented on the high fees put in place.

“My apartment charges a 3% fee for paying with credit card which negates any point bonus,” one person wrote.

“It costs me $70 extra in fees to pay with a credit card. That’s why,” someone else added.

Meanwhile, others simply wanted to know what credit card Greer was using to rack up her travel rewards.

Do you or would you use a credit card to pay your rent? Let us know in the comments on Facebook.


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