14-yr-old sings tribute to dead brother – seconds later, there’s not a dry eye in the audience

On the face of it, TV talent shows are about amateur performers who hone their skills and develop into stars.

But they’re also about so much more—including the stories contestants have to tell about what makes them who they are today. And this is what makes 14-year-old Fletcher Pilon’s audition for “Australia’s Got Talent” so powerful.

Two days before his audition, Fletcher decided to write a song about the grief he felt after a tragic event changed his life. His beloved brother Banjo had recently been hit by a car and died.

Fletcher’s called his tribute song “Infinite Child,” and when he sang it, there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere in the audience. It’s a beautiful heart-wrenching moment from a gifted singer who later went on to win the whole competition.

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