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Actor Sings Iconic Song From The 50s And There’s Not A Dry Eye In The Audience.

Ask any aspiring country singer about their dream and they’ll tell you that it’s to sing onstage at the legendary Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s an important moment in any country singer’s career and it really shows that someone’s made it in the world of country. And while most singers reach the stage for the first time while they’re still relatively unknown, a few singers are already stars in their own right. Actor Jonathan Jackson is perhaps best known for his work on the daytime TV soap opera “General Hospital” and his recent role as a country crooner on “Nashville.” But his twin passion has always been music. Still, to reach the Opry stage as an actor and be taken seriously, Jonathan needed to pull of an epic performance. And that of course requires a song that would let him show off his talent. Jonathan’s choice? “Unchained Melody,” written in 1955. Countless legends have covered it, most famously by Elvis Presley. And Jonathan wasn’t afraid to put himself in that company.  How did he do? I think Jonathan pulled off just about the best version I’ve ever heard—that is besides Elvis’ classic rendition. Check it out below!

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