Audience is nervous as “Oh Holy Night” begins to play: But just listen when the little girl opens her mouth

Claire Ryann is one special little girl!

As a 4-year-old, she became an internet sensation overnight after singing alongside her dad in a clip that spread all over the world. Since then, we’ve been blessed to hear more from Claire Ryann, including her magical version of Silent Night.

But Claire obviously has even more to give. In this clip, Claire performs another long-time classic Christmas song, “Oh Holy Night” — and the result is pure bliss.

I was so impressed with her performance, and not just because of how she manages to beautifully capture a song even adults have a hard time singing. Claire has the courage to sing in front of a crowded room, and has so skillfully managed to memorize all the lyrics despite her young age… Yes, she is one special little girl!

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