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Country Star Was A Child When Elvis Died. Now Her Dream Came True Thanks To THIS Video.

We can thank today’s technology for getting to experience this magical duet. In this video, we hear Elvis – whose incomparable voice takes us back in time, singing with none other than American country star Martina McBride. The editing used in this video is so well done that it’s kind of hard to believe that this performance did not happen in reality. Their voices are perfectly mixed to create a simply wonderful duet that no one should miss. It begins with Elvis sitting on stage and singing “Blue Christmas”. After a while you see a woman approach the stage – Martina McBride has arrived. The country star was only a child when Elvis died, but Elvis has always been a big idol for her so therefore can we say that her dream comes true, when this genius video was created. Have a look at the brilliant video and duet below. You won’t believe your eyes.

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