Deaf woman steps out of her shoes to sing – then stuns the judges

Mandy Harvey, 29, has sung and played music since she was four years old.

But when she turned 18, her worst nightmare became a reality.

She was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder and quickly lost her hearing. She was devastated and thought that her dream of becoming a musician had ended right then and there.

But with time, this inspiring young woman found her strength again, and with the help of her muscular memory, Mandy found her way back to singing.

After years of working hard, nothing could keep Mandy’s spirit down, and she started singing and playing more often.

Then 10 years after going deaf, Mandy decided to try her luck on “America’s Got Talent.”

She took off her shoes onstage to feel the rhythm and vibration through the floor. And as soon the 29-year-old started singing her original song “Try,” the judges realized her incredible talent.

The toughest judge of all, Simon Cowell, was so impressed that he hit the Golden Buzzer, guaranteeing Mandy a place in the semifinals.

I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing much more of this super-talented singer in the near future!

Isn’t Mandy amazingly good?

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