Elvis’ final show was unknown until recently – and it will give you goose bumps

I’m a big fan of rock n ‘roll, and whether you are or not, there’s no denying that Elvis Presley was one of the most talented singers that has ever walked our planet.

The King of Rock died much too early, years before we could have been done enjoying his amazing talent.

I recently came across this clip which I found worthy of sharing. It reveals Elvis’ final recorded show before his untimely death – and his performance is sure to give you chills.

In this previously little-known video, Elvis sings a classic favorite with such intensity that many consider this final show to be his all-time best. Watch it below.

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Until his last day, Elvis was a showman to the core. He always gave 100% to his audience.

I would have of course loved to see this performance live, but it’s so great, one can settle for the recording.

It’s not only one of the King of Rock’s best gigs ever, it was his final recorded show – preserved for us to enjoy today.

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Elvis sits behind a piano – and performs a breathtaking interpretation of the classic “Unchained Melody” in front of a large crowd in Rapid City, South Dakota.

His singing gave me goose bumps everywhere.

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Six weeks after this show, Elvis died, 42 years young.

We remember him through this magical moment. Pay attention to 31 seconds into the clip – and enjoy:

This is by far among the best I’ve heard from Elvis! Share with your friends if you agree. And rock on!

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