Even Simon Gives Her A Standing O. But Keep Your Eye On The Judge In The Middle.

Imagine yourself as a teenager and think of your musical hero. Now pretend you have to sing in front of that person and impress them with your singing talent.

I don’t think I could handle the pressure. I’d rather stick to singing in the shower.

But the brave young performers who compete on “America’s Got Talent” are cut from a different cloth. They have the guts to walk onstage, nerves and all, and give the judges their all.

One of these brave teens is 14-year-old Janya Brown. When she walks onstage, she finds herself in front of one of the members of her favorite band: Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.

Janya’s hands are shaking when she greets the judges, and especially her idol, Louis.

But when she sings, the tables turn and Louis becomes an instant fan.

Jayna’s performance is so impressive that all the judges give her a standing ovation when she’s done. And Louis? He has no choice but to press the golden buzzer!

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