He grabbed her hand to dance – but now watch the man in the white shirt on the left

Remember the East Coast Swing? If you do, you might be thinking it’s probably extinct at this point.

Well – think again!

These four very skilled dancers are determined to bring this competitive dance – which was made popular during the 1950s – back!

Watch them woo the crowd – and earn standing ovations.

© Facebook

Sam McKee was one of the lucky people who got to watch the entire dance performance. He didn’t hesitate in filming the surprise moment and as soon as he got home he shared it on his Facebook page. The video has now been shared over 30,000 times and if you watch it, you’ll see exactly why.

“East Coast Swing is fun!” Sam writes about his video which shows two couples busting some major moves.

Old school dance styles such as the East Coast Swing will continue to live on through talented new dancers who have a real appreciation for the art of dance like these guys.

I don’t know about you but just watching them made me want to put on dancing shoes myself. Whether you have the moves or not, you shouldn’t hesitate in giving it a go if you feel like it! 

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