He sings a song – then the little sister sneaks up behind him and takes over the show

Growing up with a sibling is wonderful in many ways, not least because you can have so much fun together.

Just like this pair. These siblings have found a common interest in music – and they are both passionate about it. Together they create breathtaking duets.

The brother, Kenny Holland, is already well on the way to carving out a name for himself thanks to his musical skills – and after seeing this clip, I am convinced that the little sister Capri will follow the same path with of her beautiful singing voice.

Who knew that these two youth could merge two classics like “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Over the Rainbow” into a gorgeous hit? Listen for yourself below.

These siblings’ clip has already had huge success online – and I understand why, it’s just so good! Please share with all your music-loving friends.


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