Homeless 26-Year-Old Shocks Everyone With His Talent And Has Audience Cheering. What A Guy!

Robbie Hance has lived his entire adult life on London’s streets, homeless. For the last 6 years, he has slept wherever he found shelter: in garages, staircases – anywhere that could provide some refuge. At times, he had the good fortune to be able to sleep at friends. Music has always been a great source of comfort in the 26-year-old’s life, who has loved to sing ever since he was just a child. He grew up with a single mother, but ended up in foster care early when he was 13. When Robbie steps on stage popular talent show, “The X Factor”, the 26-year-old’s story deeply touches both the jury and the audience. And their emotions are just intensified when Robbie begins to sing… Isn’t he just fantastic? I really hope everything works out for Robbie in the future!

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