Judges force her to change songs twice – now watch how she takes on the challenge

When 49-year-old Jennifer Phillips decided to try her luck on “The X Factor,” she received anything but a warm welcome from the judges.

They questioned her first song choice, explained how much they hated her second—and finally decided to go with their own proposal: “Shackles” by Mary Mary.

Her confidence was crushed, she was nervous, and her audition was destroyed before it had even started? No, not when we’re talking about Jennifer.

She accepted the challenge in the best way—and when she reached the chorus, the judges realized that they were dealing with a very special talent.

With her incredible singing voice, great rhythm, and infectious charisma, Jennifer watched the judges and the audience stand up on their chairs and dance before she finally advanced in the competition with four resounding yesses. What a comeback!

Wow, what a joy! And so much talent! This is a lesson in never giving up. Share it with your music-loving friends so they can also enjoy this beautiful performance.

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