Simon holds his breath when she reveals her song selection – a minute later, he hits the golden buzzer

Auditioning on any world-famous television song contest can certainly be an unnerving experience. One might certainly believe they are talented and live up to high standards – but facing strict judges and a huge audience, anything can happen.

When 15-year-old Sarah Ikumu took the stage on popular show Britain’s Got Talent, she informed the judges that she was going to sing Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You” – a terribly challenging song. No matter how talented one is, it is an extremely tricky song to sing – let alone to nail. Sarah’s announcement was immediately met with skepticism- many shook their heads in doubt.

“One of the biggest songs in the world… and you want to take that one on?” questions renowned jury member Simon Cowell.

But this girl knew just what she was doing. The second Sarah opened her mouth, everything changed. She managed to perfectly meet every high and low tone, filling the whole room with the incredible vibrations of her voice.

At the end, she was rewarded with a standing ovation from both the jury and the audience… and then something magical happened: Simon Cowell hit the Golden Buzzer, sending her straight to the finals.

The fact that Sarah is only 15 seems impossible after hearing her belt the song out like that – don’t believe me? Have a listen for yopurself below. 

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