The Audience’s Reaction To These 5 Guys In Suits Speaks Volumes. What A Performance!

When it comes to music performances, I find few things more spectacular than listening to a group of really talented musicians with awesome voices tune in together and produce a perfectly harmonious song. That’s pretty much what happens in this group’s performance. They call themselves ‘Collabro’ and the combination of their voices is truly jaw-dropping. The crazy thing is that this super talented ‘boy band’ was formed just a month before they decided to test the waters on UK’s well-known “Britains Got Talent” show. I may be a little biased in just how much I adored this performance since I’m a huge fan of Les Miserables and particularly “Stars” – the song they just happen to perform here. You can see from the audience’s reaction just how blown away they are by Collabro’s version of Stars. Watch for yourself- I dare you not to get goosebumps the moment their voices unite in powerful and enchanting unison.

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