To interpret Elvis is near impossible – but now watch this guy come incredibly close to his greatness

Over the years, many talented artists have attempted to imitate the King of Rock. But few can come close to his unique sound and charisma. Here is one fellow though, named Brolle, who comes incredibly close.

He appeared on a popular television show several years ago in 2009 and gave the crowd a truly amazing moment to remember. 

The then 27-year-old’s interpretation of Elvis Presley’s “In the Ghetto” is fantastic and is guaranteed to give any Elvis fan some serious goosebumps.

To interpret Elvis is next to impossible, but here you just have to admit that Brolle comes really close. Watch and enjoy!

I’ve seen many artists trying to interpret the greatest, Elvis Presley. But few come as close as Brolle. Please share if you agree and want others to also enjoy his beautiful voice.

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