He Sees The Sky Grow Dark, So He Picks Up His Camera. Now Keep An Eye On The Right. Whoa!

Nature is truly awe-inspiring. And its powerful force has shown time and again how in just a few minutes it can devastate and demolish anything that man can create. When I came across this clip from Japan, my jaw dropped. And that was probably also the reaction of the guy who sat in his car and witnessed the spectacle with his own eyes. When he arrived at a road block and saw the sky turn pitch-black, he realized something was brewing and immediately took out his video camera. Seconds later, it hits. A major landslide pulls telephone poles, massive trees, debris, dirt, and water down the steep slope in front of videographer. The road ahead of him is decimated and won’t be opened for a long time to come. It’s both frightening and startling to watch the ruthless event—and I’m just glad the road block was set up in time so that no one was hurt. Check this out!

I’ve never seen anything like it. Please share this crazy clip with your friends so they can see how merciless nature can be!

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