13-year-old son secretly sells Xbox and starts job to buy struggling single mom new car

Being a single parent means you sometimes have to struggle with certain things. Children always appreciate the sacrifices a parent makes for them, and if a parent is lucky enough, the parent also gets rewarded for their work.

This single mom was used to crying because of the stress she was under. Little did she know her son was noticing everything and had a plan to help… keep reading to know more about this wonderful story.

Krystal Preston happens to be a single mom to three people. Like many single parents, she tends to struggle a bit with certain things. She has one regular job and doesn’t have a partner who can help her with raising her children and taking care of the house.

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She does her very best to make ends meet and maintain a nice home for her three children. But of course, at times, the pressure of being a single mom and keeping everything together does get to her…

Her 13-year-old son William knows his mother’s struggles well. Even though he is young, he can see the stress she is under. William is quite mature for a 13-year-old.

Krystal was upfront about how her son cared for her and saw her pain and wanted to help. She said, “he was tired of seeing me cry.”

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Like most children, he did not want to see his parents in pain. And like most children, he wanted to do whatever he could to make sure his mom never shed another tear. “There’s good that can come from any situation, as long as somebody with a heart does it,” William said.


Being just 13 years old meant he wasn’t able to find a job since he was too young. But when there is a will, there is a way. “I saw on YouTube where people get their mom a car and then surprise her with it. I wanted to do that,” young William said.

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The young man started offering to do chores and tasks for people in his neighborhood to make some extra cash. But he realized he needed a quicker way to make money. That is when the idea of selling his Xbox came to him. Like most boys his age, he enjoys playing games on his gaming console. It was perhaps his most prized possession. But nothing compared to the feeling of wanting to make his mother smile.

William had his eye on a 1999 Chevrolet Metro on sale near his home. The price fit his budget and the car seemed to be in decent shape. As for research, Krystal shared that her son would often quiz her about car parts, reliability, models, and all that. At the time she had no idea what had sparked his sudden interest in the topic. But looking back, she was able to put two and two together.

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When it came to buying the car, William offered the owner cash and his Xbox in exchange for it. Seeing how young the boy was, the car owner was reluctant to make the sale. But when he heard William’s moving story, he agreed and took the Xbox and cash, signing over the vehicle to the young man.

William recalls the moment he gave his mom the surprise of a lifetime. “I said ‘Mom, I got you a car‘, and she said ‘….No you didn’t.”

But the teenager had proof; papers for the car and he handed them over! His mother recalls, “I lost it. I bawled so bad. I was just like ‘There’s no way.’ What 13-year old do you know buys their mom a car? I don’t know any.”

It is so heartwarming to see how this young man took care of his mom and put her needs above his own. That is the sign of a wonderful son who has been raised well.

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