14 year old dies after grabbing her cell while taking a bath

We’ve long heard about the dangers of mixing electronic devices and water. The risk of electrocution is real — and the outcome can be fatal.

But a new though just as serious risk involves cell phones. We can’t live without them, but we better beware — for if we’re too attached, we simply may no longer be alive to ever use one again.

This was the sad case for Madison Coe, 14, from Lubbock, Texas, who reached for her phone while taking a bath. Now, her parents are reaching out with an important warning for everyone who has a cell phone. 

Their important warning is spreading like wildfire — and it’s one we think absolutely worth sharing, too.

The incident occured in early July, when Madison was killed after she grasped her plugged-in cell phone while taking a bath.

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Police in Lovington, New Mexico, said the victim appears to have been electrocuted and they found a cellphone, charger cord and extension cord in the bathroom. The girl had a burn mark on her hand from where she held the phone.

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“We don’t know if she reached down with a wet hand to try and pick it up, or if it fell into the bathtub with her,” her father, Logan, said.

“This is just one of many examples of people not being able to set down their cell phone. We’re all guilty of it,” he added.

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“We don’t want to see anyone else lose loved ones over something so avoidable,” Logan added.

“She was a borrowed angel, and heaven has her back,” Madison’s mother said.

Consumer advocates recommend several important things: 

1. Never use cord-connected appliances while in the bathtub

2. Do not charge your cell phone near water

3. Make sure the plugs in your bathroom and kitchen are up to date — they now make ones where the power shuts off when the current is flowing along an unintended path.

Listen to the news report below for full details of the tragic incident. Most importantly, please consider sharing this article with all your loved ones to ensure no one makes the same mistake.

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