Autistic boy writes "make friends" as wish, dad pleads to internet for help

Autistic boy writes “make friends” as birthday wish, worried dad pleads to internet for help

Children with special needs often just want experiences similar to what any child their age might want. And Daniel revealed his wish in the most unexpected way…

Daniel Harrison is an autistic teenager from Nottingham, England. Like many people with autism, a lot of times, Daniel would prefer to be on his own.

But that assumption of Daniel preferring to be on his own might have been completely wrong… his father found out about two wishes his son had penned down during a session at his special needs school.

He answered the question “things that are important to me or things I would like to do” by saying that he wanted to learn how to drive and also to make friends.

This surprised Daniel’s family who always assumed he did not care much about making friends.

Daniel’s father, Kevin Harrison vowed to make his son’s dream come true. He posted his son’s wish on Twitter, to ask people to send wishes for his upcoming 15th birthday. Kevin perhaps expected a few dozen replies, but he really did not expect what came next…

The tweet went viral and instead of a handful, Daniel received thousands of wishes from strangers all over the world. People shared pictures of their autistic children or pets to join in on wishing Daniel.

In fact, even celebrities such as Mark Hamill, Russell Crowe, Sharon Stone, Ariel Winter, and singer Liz Phair even joined in to wish Daniel on his big day.

Some went a step further and mailed birthday cards and presents to the teenage boy.

The tweet gained so much traction that it was a trending topic in the United States for a day. It really showed how the world can band together to do sweet yet simple things.

And of course, dad Kevin Harrison was overcome with gratitude for everyone who participated. He even learned about other families going through similar issues.

He wrote, “You’re not alone,” he said. “Just simply that people do love you.” 

What a sweet and wonderful story of kindness that crossed borders globally.

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