Update: Dog the Bounty Hunter says wife wants to spend final days hunting suspects

Beth Chapman continues to fight bravely against the cancer trying to take her life, inspiring thousands of fans across the world.

The 51-year-old received her second cancer diagnosis late last year, and this time her prognosis looks bleak. Reports claim the cancer has spread to her lungs, and is considered stage 4, but the Chapman family remain resolute in their stance that there’s a chance she might yet beat it again.

In any case, husband Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Chapman insists his wife won’t be going anywhere without a stern battle …

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Date night with hubs @duanedogchapman

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“My baby has cancer and she is fighting like hell,” the 66-year-old WGN America star said through tears.

“I have cried a lot over this because Beth is my everything.”

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Sooooo in love with this guy !

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Following her original diagnosis of throat cancer in 2017, Beth underwent treatment that put her in remission. Less than a year later, though, the cancer came back. Recent reports claim it’s stage four this time around, and has spread to her lungs.

As a result, the future looks bleak for Beth, but she isn’t letting that slow her down.

Dog recently revealed that she has no plans to simply lay in a hospital bed or feel sorry for herself. On the contrary, it’s her wish to continue sticking it to the bad guys.

“She has told me repeatedly that if these are her last days on earth she wants to spend every moment with me on the hunt, living life to the fullest and enjoying the time we have left together,” Duane said.

“The best part of my job is having her by my side on every journey. I can’t imagine a day without her.”

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All of our thoughts and prayers go out to the Chapman family. We hope her determination is rewarded by a second victory over this most terrible of diseases.

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Together, we can and will beat cancer, but we can only do that by standing strong!