Boy wears red ballgown and make up to prom, even his teachers cry as he enters

For a teenager, their prom night is perhaps one of the most important milestones in their lives. They want to make sure their dress is perfect and sometimes that might mean stepping out of their comfort zone.

Like any 16-year-old, Korben wanted to make sure his prom night was perfect. His dream was to be in the perfect outfit that would represent who they really are as a person.

And luckily for Korben, his mother Nina Green was supportive of her son and his ideas for his prom night. She went as far as even posting about her son’s prom dress which was loved by thousands of people around the world.

According to Nina Green, her son Korben has always enjoyed donning dresses. Her son even has a drag person under which he performs called Miss Frou Frou.

For prom night, however, Korben did not want to bring out Miss Frou Frou but instead wear something that would be authentic to himself. He wanted to go to prom as himself but wear a dress to showcase his feminine side.

Green recalled, “He wanted to go as himself, while expressing his feminine side – with a tuxedo on the top and a dress at the bottom, very much influenced by [American actor] Billy Porter.”

Korben had this conversation with his parents when he was just 12 years old. When the time came, his parent and Korben both remembered the promise and fully honored it.

Korben had all the tools he needs to look his best for prom, just the way he wanted. As well as the invaluable support of his parents. His mother not only supported him in real life but also on social media.

Korben wore a beautiful red dress with a matching sequin jacket. He accessorized his look with a crowd and matching red purse. His look was incredibly gorgeous.

His mom tagged a few celebrities in her tweets, including Michelle Visage, a judge on the popular competitive show RuPaul’s Drag Race. Michelle replied to her and said, “Ohhhhhhhh yes! You are an amazing, beautiful mom and your child is a STAR.”

Countless other people sent in their love and admiration for young Korben. He was even interviewed by major television stations. All for his bold look for prom. Of course, there was negativity as well but it was drowned out.

Green said, “The support and positivity has been overwhelming and has totally drowned out the few negative ones, which we take no notice of. It’s his life and I’m letting him live it.”

When Korben arrived at prom, his reception was glorious. His classmates at Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston, Norfolk cheered him on and applauded him at his entrance.

His mother shared that Korben’s teachers were also emotional when the young man stepped out of the car, in a dress that made him feel like his most authentic self.

The next day, Korben and his mom attended a Pride event in London. A young fan came up to Korben asking him whether he was the boy who wore a red dress to prom and that Korben was “amazing,” further bolstering his confidence.

It is so nice to see people supporting and sending love to strangers on the internet.

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