Boyfriend’s bathing habits fall through the cracks, woman wants to dump him

A woman is a little bummed out by her boyfriend, who practices poor hygiene and refuses to clean certain areas when showering.

Butt shaming the man, the Redditor begs the online community for advice, asking if his refusal to properly clean justifies her dumping “the best partner” she’s ever had.

Keep reading to learn what this woman is saying about her dirty boyfriend!

Desperate for advice, a woman shared her story on the ‘Am I the A**hole’ subreddit, detailing an unfortunate situation with boyfriend and his poor anal hygiene.

In mid-May, the original poster (OP) shares that while taking a shower with her boyfriend, she discovered some unsettling information about the man whom she loves.

“I recently learned that my boyfriend does not wash his butt in the shower.” Further elaborating, she adds, “We were taking a shower together and I noticed that he applied soap in his hand and gently rubbed his hand over his body. He said that he uses his hand to shower and not a loofa, washcloth, etc.”

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While not using a shower scrubby isn’t cause for alarm, she goes onto explain something shocking.

“I also noticed that he didn’t wash his butt. He said that when he’s in the shower the water rinses over his butt and that’s how he washes it.”

Not wanting to humiliate the man, but hoping to turn it into a teaching moment, the OP next gently explained how he needs to properly bathe himself.

“I tried to be understanding as maybe his parents never taught him how to properly shower. I told him he needed to open his cheeks and wash in the crack. I thought we had come to an understanding that he would do so.”

Refuses to clean crack

A few days later, the woman decided to check up on her boyfriend and see if his hygiene improved since their earlier conversation.

She writes, “I’ve asked him if he has washed his butt since…He said no that he thought it was nasty to stick his hand in there to wash it.”

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Following this chat with the man, the author of the post is now wondering if she should split from the man.

“This time I am starting to distance myself from the relationship. [In my opinion] he is a grown man that doesn’t practice basic hygiene. In his opinion, he needs time to get comfortable with the idea of it,” she shares.

Before asking Redditors, “AITA for breaking up with my [boyfriend] because he doesn’t wash his butt?” the author adds, “I can’t tell if I’m being too harsh on him or if my wanting to end things is justified. Do I throw away the best partner I’ve ever had over this?”

‘Open sewer’

The online community voted unanimously in favor of the woman, saying “NTA.”

“I’m a dude. Your boyfriend is gross,” one user observes.

A medical professional offered her thoughts on the matter, “As a nurse who has unfortunately seen WAY too many men with unwashed butts, it IS gross.”

A third jokes, “You can lure a man to shower, but you can’t make him bathe.”

Meanwhile, others referenced an absurd theory that involves a “significant population of men who believe it’s ‘gay’ to wash or even properly wipe their own asses.”

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“There is a (small, I hope) group of people that think washing ones butt makes one gay. How they expect to attract any women while smelling like an open sewer is something they have not yet been able to explain,” shares one user.

Offering an explanation on her nose not identifying any foul smells, the author adds, “I lost my smell back in October 2020 from covid and never got it back.”

What advice would you offer this woman? Please share your thoughts with us and then share this story so we can get the conversation going!


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