CSI star dies aged 35, leaving fans devastated

Death is a sad reality of life. Whenever we learn of a young death, it is always heartbreaking. This death was similarly tragic, perhaps even more so because of the young age the actor passed away.

Keep reading to know more about former actor Evan Ellingson and what happened.

Evan Ellingson appeared in Hollywood and was expected to be going toward major fame. However, now the news of his death has been made public and shocked a lot of people since the former actor was only 35 years old!

Evan is best remembered for his role in the 2009 movie My Sister’s Keeper, where he starred opposite Cameron Diaz as her teenage son. He was also known for his appearance on CSI: Miami as the recurring character Kyle Harmon. He appeared in 18 episodes over the course of 3 years.

While these were his bigger roles, the child star had gotten his start in Hollywood with a small role in a TV movie and a guest appearance on General Hospital. After that, Ellingson went on to star is shows like ‘Titus,’ ‘That Was Then,’ ‘Mad TV,’ ‘Complete Savages,’ ‘Bones,’ ’24’ among others.


He had also appeared in films like ‘Walk the Talk,’ ‘Letters from Iwo Jima,’ ‘The Bondage,’ ‘Confession,’ ‘Rules of the Game,’ ‘Time Changer,’ ‘The Gristle’ and a few more.

The former actor has not been in front of a camera in over a decade and reportedly passed away in his home in San Bernardino County. He was found dead in his bedroom, according to the coroner’s office. The cause of his death is currently unclear, but for now, officials say no foul play has been thought to be involved.


Evan’s father, Michael, had more details to share. He told media that Evan’s body had been found at a sober-living home and while the former child star had struggled with substances and addiction in the past, he had been doing well recently. His sudden death was a shock to his entire family.

While he had not appeared in front of a camera in the last 10 years, he had truly made his mark on Hollywood. His death has been shocking for everyone who knew and admired him. He left this world too soon, at only the age of 35 years old.

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This is a heartbreaking tragedy and our thoughts and prayers are with Evan Ellingson’s family and loved ones. Share this with other fans of the former actor so they can also share their condolences.