Demi Moore still cares about Bruce Willis even 23 years after their divorce

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore at one point were the ‘IT’ couple of Hollywood. Both Hollywood A-listers, they made headlines all over the world.

Their divorce made people think their story was over, but even after over two decades since they went their separate ways, they still share a very unique bond…

Demi Moore, Bruce Willis
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Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have never spoken ill of one another even after their divorce. But now in her explosive memoir titled “Inside Out,” Demi Moore is finally opening up about a seldom talked about a chapter in her life; her divorce from actor Bruce Willis.

 “It’s a funny thing to say, but I’m very proud of our divorce,” Moore said in her book. She shared how Willis was afraid things would turn ugly because of Moore’s “anger and whatever baggage” she had from their time together.

Willis probably believed their divorce would turn nasty as many divorces do. And that Moore would resort to hurtful tactics, “But I didn’t, and neither did he,” Moore said.

Bruce WIllis Demi Moore

The couple met at the premiere of the movie “Stakeout” in Los Angeles – the movie starred Moore’s then-fiance, Emilio Esteves. Moore who had been married before to Freddy Moore from 1981 to 1985 began dating Willis soon after their meeting at the premiere.


The couple had a ‘whirl wind’ romance and ended up tying the knot 4 months into dating. They married in Las Vegas on November 21, 1987, on a whim. They learned they were going to be first-time parents and decided to take the plunge.

They were on their way to the casino when Willis brought up marriage to Moore. She brushed it off but when they arrived at the casino, the action star brought it up again and Moore could see he would not relent.

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Soon after, they welcomed their first daughter Rumer in 1988, their second daughter Scout in 1991, followed by their youngest daughter together Tallulah in 1994.

In her autobiography, she noted that the couple was more interested in being parents than in one another. Moore wrote, “I think both of us from the outset were more passionate about having kids than we were about being married.”

However, the cracks in their marriage started showing and the couple spent less and less time together. They ended up filing for divorce in 1998. When they made the news public, it was also revealed that they had been leading separate lives for a while already.

Bruce Willis, Emma Heming

The year that they finalized their divorce, Willis revealed that he still adored Demi Moore, and the two of them were committed to raising their children as best as they could. Willis said, “I still love Demi. We’re very close. […] we’re probably as close now as we ever were. “

After they went their separate ways, the two of them naturally began seeing other people. When Moore began dating other men, Willis found himself feeling jealous. He credits actor Will Smith for changing his perspective. He shared how Smith told Willis that he needed to make sure everyone got along for the betterment of the kids.

Soon Willis met Emma Heming and married her in 2009, the two had two daughters together, Evelyn and Mabel. While Moore wed actor Ashton Kutcher in 2005 but the two subsequently divorced in 2011.

Demi Moore
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The couples formed a blended family together and maintained solid relationships with one another. Kutcher and Willis even developed a solid relationship with one another.

In 2009, Willis commented on their blended family sharing how they maintained such a unique relationship. He said, “Demi and I made a choice to put the kids first, and we’re lucky that it turns out we all have fun together.”

The exes always show up as a united front for their children. When their daughter Rumer was on “Dancing with the Stars,” both parents showed up to cheer her on very loudly.

Bruce Willis

Demi Moore was even a guest at Willis’ Comedy Central Roast in 2014. In March 2022, Moore even publicly thanked Willis for her ‘blended family.’ She posted on Instagram, a birthday wish for the actor and wrote, “Happy Birthday, Bruce! Thankful for our blended family.”

Soon after the family revealed that Bruce Willis had been diagnosed with aphasia – a communicative disorder. Moore, Heming, and their daughters released a joint statement about Willis’ condition and announced that he would be retiring from his acting career.

In February 2023, Moore also provided an update on behalf of Willis, revealing that his diagnosis had been updated and he was now said to have frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

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“Unfortunately, challenges with communication are just one symptom of the disease Bruce faces,” she wrote about her ex-husband, accompanied by a picture of him at the beach. She said while they were upset, they were still glad that they now knew what they were battling against.

The family also released a statement on The Association Frontotemporal Degeneration official website, which explained the condition further. The condition can affect anyone and for those below the age of 60, it “is the most common form of dementia,” and detecting it could take several years in some cases.

There is no cure for the condition and the family is now set to raise more awareness about the condition to help Bruce. The family said that had Bruce been well he would have wanted to raise more awareness about the condition, and in his stead, his family would do that instead.


They also expressed their gratitude for all the well wishes they received, saying, “We have been so moved by the love you have all shared for our dear husband, father, and friend during this difficult time.”

Even with Bruce sick, the family has stayed close. Moore and Heming have become carers for Willis’ and the blended family even branded themselves collectively as the “Ladies of Willis/Moore.”

Even though Willis and Moore are divorced and the former has been remarried for the last 13 years, they still remain close. In fact, Moore even considers his two daughters with Heming as her own “family.”


Moore even attended the couple’s wedding in 2009 and their subsequent vow renewal ceremony a decade later. “She welcomed me into her family like I welcomed her into ours,” Heming said.

Rumer Willis also praises her parents and their efforts to keep things civil at all times. She recounted how as a child her friends whose parents had divorced would make them choose between one another but that she never went through such a predicament.

“I didn’t have to do that,” she said. Adding that her parents always put her and her sisters’ well-being first.

This family has such a beautiful relationship with one another. We are sending the Willis/Moore clan love. Please join us in wishing the good health!