Dying 2-year-old son walks mom down aisle just two days before he dies in her arms – rest in peace

A parent will do anything to ensure the health and happiness of their baby. But at times, as a parent, you become helpless when it comes to health and all you can do is ensure your child is happy.

This couple did exactly that; made sure their child’s last day on earth are as happy as possible.

Christine Swidorsky and Sean Stevenson met and began dating soon after. The couple knew they were right for one another and immediately decided to grow their family together.

2-year-old Logan, who has leukemia and only has a couple weeks left to live, will serve as the best man in his parents…

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Swidorsky already had a daughter from a previous relationship, Isabella Johns. Soon the couple welcomed another daughter Savannah, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Soon after on October 22, 2010, Christine gave birth to their son Logan Stevenson. They were ecstatic at the birth of their baby boy and could not wait to see their kids grow up and achieve wonderful things.

As their baby grew older and reached his first birthday, Christine and Sean noticed something was wrong. They realized that something was wrong. They sought medical help just to find out that their little boy had a rare condition. He was then diagnosed with leukemia.

After Logan was diagnosed, his parents were not ready to give up on him and were prepared to avail every single avenue available to them. Little Logan underwent multiple medical procedures in order to treat his cancer.

Terminally ill at the age of just 2, Logan Stevenson served as best man as his parents married Saturday in an emotional…

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But on July 26, 2013, his parents were informed that his condition had very little chance of getting better and that he likely only had a few more weeks left to live.

The news of his prognosis devastated his parents. They had never imagined when Logan was born that only after two short years of his life, they would have to bid farewell to him.

Once the couple found out that their toddler would not be around for much longer, they decided to move up their wedding to sooner. They had originally planned on getting married in July 2014 but decided that they need to do it sooner. They wanted their son to witness their wedding and have him in the pictures, so they could always remember him by.

In addition to walking his mother down the aisle, little Logan was also the best man at his parent’s wedding.

They also wanted to fill his last days with wonderful memories. “We want Logan in our family pictures and him to see his mother and dad get married,” Swidorsky said.

With the help of their family and friends, the couple was able to put together a wedding relatively fast. Some people contributed food while others pitched in with the setup.

On August 3, 2013, Swidorsky walked down the aisle with her beloved son Logan in her arms. Logan sported an adorable pinstriped suit with an orange shirt. His sisters were dressed up as bridesmaids. Everyone present at the ceremony felt emotional at watching Logan enjoy his last few days on earth.

Swidorsky danced with her little boy one last time. She could not help but think of his demise and kept thinking about how she was willing to do anything just so her little boy could live longer.

“It’ll be the hardest thing I’ll ever do: bury my son. You know it’s coming and can’t do anything about it,” Swidorsky said.

Two days after the wedding celebrations, on August 5, 2013, little Logan breathed his last in his mother’s arms. He left behind an incredibly void in the lives of his parents and loved ones.

His mother simply said, “He is with angels and in no more pain.”

Logan’s grandmother Debbie Stevenson said the little boy’s parents were devastated at his loss. It was one of the hardest things they had to do; to say goodbye to their son.

“It’s a very hard thing to go through this. It leaves a big hole in your heart to lose a child,” Kellie Yong, who was Logan’s aunt said.

Even almost a decade after Logan’s death, his mother is still understandably devastated. She still dreads the start of August because that is around the time that she lost her little boy.

“I went up and stood in the exact spot I had the last dance with my son, and a butterfly came flying by my side,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

She still believes her wedding was one of the most beautiful events ever because of little Logan’s presence during the events. She also believes her own mother is taking care of Logan in heaven. She believes her late son gives her the strength to carry on.

Our hearts go out to the family of little Logan who had to endure such a trememdous amount of loss.

We are happy they got to enjoy the little boy’s last few days on earth, before he passed.