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Elderly Man Sees A Woman Flip Her Car. His Heroism Shows That Age Is Just A Number.

I always say that age is just a number. And if you feel like you’re in your twenties, it doesn’t matter if you’ve celebrated more than 60 birthdays—you’re still young. And this story is certainly proof of that idea. Fred and Rosie Villa witnessed a car accident on the way home from Rhode Island to Connecticut. And when Fred heroically ran toward the smoke-filled car, he became 25 years old again. Rosie teared up see her husband is the same man he was all those years ago. What a hero! Check out the clip below and listen to the couple’s thoughts immediately after the car accident!

When Fred and Rosie Villa were driving from Rhode Island to Connecticut, they saw a car drive off the road, collide with a tree, and then flip upside down. The car completely filled up with smoke, and Fred couldn’t just drive past.

The couple stopped by the side of the road and Fred got out and ran like a 25-year-old to the car. Although the people around him screamed to him that the car was going to explode, Fred went in the car. He managed to cut the seat belt and pull the woman out of the car to safety.

“I’m so proud of my husband because he didn’t even hesitate. It was pretty emotional. The rest of the way down to Rhode Island, I cried,” Rosie says in the video below.

In the clip, Fred and Rosie share their thoughts immediately after the accident, and their words make your heart feel hope for humanity. Watch it here:

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