Everyone thinks this farmer is crazy when he drives in circles with his tractor: When the camera zooms out, I finally get it

Christmas is soon here and I can just feel its spirit grow with every passing day. Christmas lights and decorations are going up everywhere, gingerbread cookies are being prepared and plans to reunite with family are being made.

With my family scattered across the country, it’s the one time we’re all guaranteed to gather and meet during the year — and that’s what I look most forward to.

All these things are what make Christmas my favorite time of the year!

I can think of few cozier feelings than sitting on the couch at home with mom and dad, younger siblings and relatives running around and playing, classic Christmas shows and movies on TV and the intoxicating smell of cinnamon and egg nog in the air.

Now add to this that people seem to really bring forward the Christmas cheer during this time, and it’s a recipe for pure delight.

YouTube/Prunty Farms

It’s also wonderful to see so many come together to help the less fortunate during this time of year.

Some donate money to charity, some open their homes to people in need and many contribute by leaving non-perishable foods at shelters for the homeless.

Owner of Prunty Farms, Dan, has had a rather unconventional way to bring Christmas joy to everyone around him…

YouTube/Prunty Farms

The farmer set out on a mission with his tractor — but the task he was meant to perform would not be easy. A single mistake and the entire project would be ruined.

But on the other hand, if he successfully completed the task, he would be able to delight thousands with his message.

YouTube/Prunty Farms

Many expressed strong faith in Dan as they sent him away in his tractor, sending a drone along to capture everything on film.

Dan begins to drive his tractor and I’m certain many watched nervously when they saw the tractor’s back disappear over the field.

Take a look at the final outcome in the video below. When the camera is zooms out, I smiled from ear to ear. Well done, Dan!

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