Finally! Scientists Have Found A Berry In The Rainforest That Kills Cancer Cells.

Virtually everyone has been directly and indirectly exposed to the horrors of cancer in one form or another. It’s so painful watching people you love suffer from losing someone to the disease. That’s why I always keep my eyes and ear out for scientific progress in trying to eradicate the tragedy of cancer from the world and our lives. I dream, like so many others, of the day a magic formula will at last be emerge that can do exactly that. Well, here’s some refreshing news. While we’re still steps away from a cancer-free world, this kind of news at least gives me hope that perhaps that dream isn’t so far ahead.  

Researchers in Australia have discovered a rare berry in the rainforest of North Queensland. The berry comes from the blushwood tree which is native to the area.

The researchers have managed to extract a substance from the berries which destroys cancerous tumors. Today, there are treatments that thankfully saves many lives. But often these treatments are painful with numerous side-effects, and not always effective. I will be beyond thrilled if this research leads to a better way to treat cancer.

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The groundbreaking drug is called “EBC-46” and human trials are to begin soon.

Dr. Glen Boyle is leading the study at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institue in Australia and explains how EBC-46 works.

“It really works in three ways: it kills tumor cells directly, cutting off the blood supply and activates the body’s own immune system to clean up what is left,” he says.

The medical institute’s website reports that veterinarians have successfully used EBC-46 on dogs, cats and horses. The substance was injected directly into tumors, and within a few days, disappeared.

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The researchers also tested the drug in laboratory and the result was consistent with their animal tests – approximately 70 percent of the attempts succeeded.

These amazing berries so far seem to carry real potential. It’s true however that sometimes things seem better than they are, and at the moment Dr. Boyle doesn’t dare promise too much.

There is no evidence whatsoever that EBC-46 would be effective if the cancer has spread in the body, and the tumor itself needs to be available for an injection. Nevertheless, this amazing discovery could bring us a step closer to a solution.

If further studies and the clinical trials produce good results, it is possible that EBC-46 can help many.

“Chemotherapy is still used because it is very effective for a lot of people. But EBC-46 could perhaps be used in people who, for some reason, chemotherapy doesn’t work [for], or for elderly patients whose body can’t sustain another round of chemotherapy treatment,” Boyle told The Guardian.

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I was in any case excited when I found out what these amazing berries can do. Anything that gives a bit of hope in the fight to kill cancer is a step forward and I just really hope that Dr. Boyle and his team succeed with the clinical trials. Share these amazing news with your friends and let us hope that Dr. Boyle makes more progress!

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