Hailey Bieber reveals pregnancy symptom she is suffering from – “who was gonna tell me”

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber announced that they are expecting their first child together this year. The news was happily celebrated by thousands of people around the world!

Since the announcement, Hailey has become much more open about her pregnancy after a few months of hiding it. Keep reading to know more about what Mrs. Bieber is confiding in her followers now.

Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber tied the knot in 2018. The 27 year old model, is currently expecting her first child with her pop-star husband. Now as she has revealed her pregnancy to the world, the model is being more candid about her pregnancy and how it is going.

She shared a common ailment that many pregnant women go through. She worte on her Instagram story, “So who was gonna tell me about the lower back pain?” She accompanied the caption with a picture of herself wearing headphones, sitting outside in the sun in a green quarter-zip pullover with black bike shorts, showing off her growing pregnant belly.

Hailey Bieber is now 7 months pregnant. The couple revealed their pregnancy over the last month, in a sweet video of their vow renewal ceremony from Hawaii, the video showed off Hailey’s bump in all its glory, confirming to everyone that the two of them were pregnant.


Since the couple have announced their pregnancy, she has been more open about how it has been going for her. Earlier this month, she posted an adorable story about the nicknames she has come up with for her unborn child. She shared that she calls the child “little bean” and “little cherry blossom.” She shared her pregnancy cravings as well, saying what she craved the most was “Egg salad on top of a pickle with hot sauce.” 

When she shared her pregnancy craving, she warned everyone, “And no, you’re not allowed to judge!!” 

When Bieber wed his wife in September, 2018. The year following their marriage, a source close to Bieber shared that the singer had “always wanted to be a young father.” 


“[Justin’s] parents were young when they had him,” ET’s source shared about Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber, both of whom were just 18 years old when tehy had Bieber. “He’s always loved the relationship they have and how it’s more of a friendship.”

In 2022, a source shared that the couple desires “to have a big family someday.”

“They both know what great parents they are going to be together,” the source shared about the Biebers. “They both feel like part of their reason for being on earth was to be parents. It has been instilled in them since day one and they are looking forward to making that happen.”

Now, a source shared that the couple are thrilled to become parents together.

“Justin thinks Hailey will be a dedicated, loving, caring, and accepting mom, and Hailey thinks Justin will be a committed, protective, engaging, fun, and giving dad” the source said. “They both think they will make a great team and be balanced parents together.” 

The source went on to say, “Hailey has been doing great throughout her pregnancy and she is glowing more and more every day. She feels so blessed that this prayer has been answered for them. Justin has been very attentive and Hailey and their baby are his number one priority. They are both committed to their relationship and are very involved and present with one another.”

Following the pregnancy reveal, Justin’s mother Pattie took to Instagram to share her happiness at finally becoming a grandmother very soon.


She said in a video on Instagram, “So, I have been waiting for this day, and now that they have shared it, I can finally celebrate with y’all and say: Oh my gosh! I’m gonna be a grandma! Oh my goodness!” “Justin and Hailey, you are going to be the best parents ever,”

The excited grandma to be added, “I am so excited!”


This is such adorable news! We are sending the Biebers our very best as the embark on this new chapter in their lives. Share this with others who might like to know about this update as well.

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