Halle Berry reveals shocking detail about new relationship – fans had noticed it right away

Halle Berry is an Oscar-winning actress who is known for playing varied roles throughout her career. She is often secretive about her personal life, but it seems like that might not be the case anymore.

Keep reading to know more about what Halle Berry has to say about her new love.

It is no secret that actress Halle Berry has been dating singer-songwriter Van Hunt since 2020. Their relationship seems to be doing quite well with new details about their romance emerging.

“He is incredible. He treats her like a queen,” a source revealed about Hunt’s affection of Berry. The source added, “She calls him her ‘soulmate.’ They love traveling, spending time at her Malibu beach house and hanging out with her kids.”


The source revealed that the actress is thankful for him and refers to him as her ‘dream guy.’ The source also added that “She feels so lucky to share her life with him.”

While she has been incredibly happy, according to the source she has not considered marriage yet. The source said, “She wants things to stay this way. She hasn’t talked about marriage at all.”

The couple first made their relationship public in September 2020. According to source the couple had already been dating at that point for several months. At that point, Hunt had already met both of Berry’s kids; her daughter Nahla and her son Maceo.

Before the singer-songwriter entered her life, Berry was married to Olivier Martinez for two years, the two of them called it quits in 2015. Before her marriage to Martinez, Berry had been married to former MLB player David Justice and singer/actor Eric Benét.

In her divorce agreement with Martinez, she was asked to pay $8,000 a month for child support payments. Her divorce was only finalized recently after 8 years.

The divorce agreement also included that Berry will pay Martinez “4.3% of any income she receives above $2,000,000” in additional support.


But Berry has already moved on with Hunt and is focusing on her new romance. For her birthday last month, Hunt took to Instagram to post about his girlfriend. He wrote in the caption, “This is the woman i love.” He further added, “Behind the mask she makes me laugh til i hurt. i see her behind the mask. i always have.” He ended the post by simply saying, “Happy bday, my love.”

Barry replied to the post with a sweet comment which said, “Thank you Van for always letting me be ME and loving me anyway !”

Honestly, it was such a sweet wish! And now there is news that 57-year-old Halle Berry “is truly the happiest” with her 53-year-old boyfriend, according to a source. The source added that the couples’ relationship “is on another level.” And if fans were keen on keeping their eyes peeled on Berry’s love life, then it must have been obvious because of how often the couple takes to social media to appreciate one another. It is quite obvious how happy Berry is and how well the couple works together!

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