Homeowner kills 2 intruders and holds 2 others until police arrive, charges announced

A lot of people debate about using guns to shoot people who enter your property without permission especially those who intend to burgle you or cause you harm.

This homeowner was faced with such a decision and he made one that made sense to him!

A homeowner in Dekalb County, Indiana was woken up by the sound of his dog barking. He woke up to discover four invaders in his home, attempting to burgle him.

He said he was threatened by one of the females in the group with a gun to his head, as two other accomplices of hers grabbed items from his home to steal.

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The intruders have since then been identified as 42-year-old Shaun T. Kruse, 42-year-old Tabitha L. Johnson, 36-year-old Rameica Moore, and 22-year-old Dylan Morefield.

The homeowner later recounted how the intruders forced him to write a check with no name on it for $500. He recounted the tale of how he was able to break free from the suspects and get his hands on his shotgun. After grabbing his shotgun, he shot Moore and Morefield.

After shooting two of the intruders, he ordered Johnson to join Kruse, who was waiting for his three accomplices in the getaway vehicle parked outside the house. He held the two at gunpoint and reportedly ordered Kruse to call 911 for help. Once officers arrived, they arrested Kruse and Johnson.


Emergency services declared Moore and Morefield dead at the scene. Later Kruse made a confession to law enforcement officials, revealed that he had driven himself and his accomplices to the home a day before and confronted the owner in an attempt to get money from him. He said the four of them returned the next day as Morefield was talking about “being gangster over and over.”

He said he stayed in the vehicle while the other three in his group went inside the home to rob the man.

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However, Johnson said that while the four of them had been at his house together just two days, she would stay the night at the home with the homeowner occasionally over the last decade. She said she was only grabbing her own belongings she had left behind, which the police did not believe.

Johnson and Kruse have been charged with burglary with a deadly weapon, as well as two counts of felony murder for their accomplices. They have been processed and booked at DeKalb County Jail. State officials revealed that no charges against the homeowner have been filed.

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The bodies of the two accomplices killed during the burglary have been sent to Northeast Indiana Forensic Center for autopsies. Indiana law states that any deaths which occur during a felony can be charged to the felon even if they are not direcstly reponsible for the death.

What an incredible story this was! One man bravely stood his ground against four home invaders and made sure he protected his property in any way that he could.

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