Horses falls in love with little girl after she does the most gentle thing in the world

Children find a lot of wonder in animals. Be it their pet cat or a lion they see at the zoo, for a child looking at an animal ignites in them all kind of wonder! This is the heartwarming story of a little girl and her relationship with her horse.

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A lot of equestrian experts say that children learn a lot about respect and compassion. When children spend time with horses, they learn a lot of positive traits.

If you have ever seen a child interact with a horse, you will understand what this means. They have an unsaid bond of trust, loyalty, and respect. Children approach horses gingerly and interact with them in the softest ways so as not to scare the animal.

A viral video (watch here) online is the perfect example of this. The video features a three-year-old little girl and her two horses. In the video, the little girl is decked out in a pink outfit as she sits on a fencepost and has a horse nuzzling into her face.


Another horse stands nearby. Both horses seem to be in wonderful moods. And the reason for that is adorable. In the audio, you can hear the little girl not just talking to the horses but singing to them.

As she sings, the horses seem to relax more and more. The bigger brown horse that has his muzzle nestled in her hands even closes his eyes in enjoyment.

The little girls mother explains that the two horses belong to the family. She said, “This is my 3-year-old Myf singing to her horses, Chester and Teddy. She climbed up on an old strainer post while singing..”


She continued, “The horses wandered up to investigate and ended up being serenaded to sleep. Just a quiet winter afternoon after feeding the cattle. She’s an Aussie country girl who enjoys having her animals around her.”

The horses clearly seem to adore the little girl as they happily stay near her, showing affection as she carries on singing.

People who saw the adorable video also had a lot to say about it. One person commented, “Bravo, Bravo. That was too sweet. Who in their right mind, would thumbs down this video?” While another person wrote, “The horse is loving it.”

Clearly the three of them are steadfast friends and their friendship will last a lifetime.


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