Identical quadruplets made headlines around the world 17 years ago – this is what they look like today

While news of quadruplets is more normal now, it used to be something rare back in the day. The news of this family having identical quadruplets made global headlines.

Seventeen years later, the quadruplets look a lot different. Keep reading to learn more about what their life looks like today.

Julia and Jose got married in 2005. At the time, Jose already had a son from a previous relationship. Then the couple decided to have a child together as well, and since they were both just a little over 30, they thought it would not be hard.

But after trying to conceive for a year with no results, they decided to take some tests to figure out if something was not right. The tests showed that Julie was not ovulating every month and did not have many eggs. Doctors suggested to the couple that it would be tough to get pregnant naturally.

So the couple started contemplating different ways they could have a child together. But before they could choose another way, then Julie fell pregnant naturally!

The couple was over the moon and could not wait to meet their baby. But when it came to the ultrasound, they were shocked. The doctor turned pale when he looked at the ultrasound machine.

The couple thought perhaps it was twins that had thrown the doctors off. When asked the doctor clarified the shock on their face, he said “No, there are actually four babies in here,” Jose recalls.

The couple was shocked at the news, and while Julie began crying, Jose almost lost his cool as well. Julie made history by becoming the 27th woman in the world to become pregnant with quadruplets naturally.


Having multiple pregnancies at the same time is risky, and doctors told the couple the option to terminate one or two of the fetuses for a better chance in the pregnancy.

The couple however was against the idea, and decided to go ahead with all four of the pregnancies.

After seven months in the pregnancy, one of the quadruplets seemed to be fighting for survival. Doctors decided to do an emergency C-section.

The babies were born at week 29 and weighed less than 3.5 lbs. The children stayed in the hospital for eight weeks before they were healthy enough to go home.


The babies were named Ellie, Holly, Jessica and Georgina. The girls were completely identical, and the only way to tell them apart before they were a year old was for their parents to write their names on their feet.

The quadruplets beat all odds and survived.

The first four years, the girls were completely identical in everything. They ate the same food, played with the same toys, and liked the same clothes. The girls wanted it to be that way.

When the girls started school, it became an issue to tell them apart for their teachers and friends. Their mom, Julie, began to write their initials on their clothes so it would be easier for everyone to recognize them.

Now that the girls are older, they have become easier to differentiate because of their personalities.

Georgina questions everything you say, and always wants to be right. Ellie is introverted and keeps to herself; she wants to be happy all the time. Hollie likes to be the center of attention, and Jessica is the most independent.

Now the girls are 17 years old and look completely different from how they did when they were younger.

Their dad Jose usually shares the family’s life on social media and his four daughters often make an appearance on his social media accounts.

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Honestly, this is such a heartwarming story. The girls and their parents look wonderful. Share this with others who might be wondering what the girls look like today!

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