Kate Middleton reveals how she suffered a painful injury – it is still causing her trouble

Kate Middleton’s schedule is, as usual, full. Now that her and Prince William’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, are back at school after the family’s summer break, the royal schedule will only become busier.

Kate has proven to be a hardworking royal, always bringing a smile no matter who she is meeting with. While she has her duties every day, the Princess of Wales is also a health advocate and a patron of several organizations, including preventing and ending the stigma around mental health issues. 

But even though the princess is not doing the most dangerous work in every meeting, she was injured several days ago. Despite confirming what had happened, the diagnosis has remained a secret.

Since joining the royal family, Kate Middleton has been involved in many special projects close to her heart. After she and Prince William became the Prince and Princess of Wales, they took on even more duties. Kate, for example, has taken over several patronages, including becoming the patron of English rugby after Prince Harry departed from the royal fold.

Instead of complaining about Prince Harry and his book, Kate has, by all accounts, continued to work hard. For example, she’s launched a brand new campaign to help children and future generations.

Kate Middleton – work as a royal

Kate has always viewed children and their well-being as a cause close to her heart. For years, she has promoted the importance of speaking about mental health. The Princess of Wales has worked tirelessly to highlight social issues such as homelessness among children and childcare in hospitals all over Britain.

“Of course, there have been other distractions but the princess has had far more important things on her mind. It’s an important and exciting time,” a royal source told the Mirror.

“The campaign she has been working on really is the result of several months behind the scenes (and) will launch a new three to five year programme.”

The source added: “(Kate) spends a lot of time reading, meeting and speaking with professionals across the entire field – but this isn’t just one project, it’s an opportunity to make generational change for all our children.”

“There are a number of creative parts in the process for parents and non-parents to be involved across the country with lots more to come and the hope is as many people as possible, from those in the medical and academic world as well as parents and non-parents, join the journey.”

Kate Middleton
Jordan Pettitt-WPA Pool/Getty Images

As a result, Kate has been praised for her work involving children. Not only does she look at severe social challenges and problems, but Kate has consistently advocated for healthy living, including regular exercise and healthy eating.

Advocate for a healthy lifestyle

Being the Princess of Wales and a mother of three is demanding. Kate has plenty on her plate between work and raising her children with William, which means she doesn’t have too much spare time.

However, it’s widely known that Kate is a big fan of working out and spending time outdoors, which she has previously spoken about. Needless to say, the manner of her workout routines and what she does to stay fit and healthy have become a subject of much public interest. Despite having a rigorous schedule when it comes to work, she manages to take some time to work out.

As Kate described, her life is “so busy,” but her time with her children gives her true happiness. She once revealed that “watching a fire on a really rainy day” is something that “provides such enjoyment.” Going for family walks with her kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, meanwhile, is something she tries to prioritize.

Kate is heavily involved in her kids’ lives, including getting ready for school. As it turns out, getting the little ones ready for school can also mean exercise for Kate and her royal children.

Previously, the Daily Mail revealed that Kate has an exercise routine that involves the plank, which they describe as similar to a push-up, only with one’s forearms resting on the ground.

Kate MIddleton
Karwai Tang/WireImage

It turns out that Kate is very good at it.

“There are three elements; the basic plank, the side plank, and the prone skydive, all of which are positions Kate can hold for 45 seconds or longer and repeat at least ten times each,” the source told the Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton injured

“The side plank requires you to balance on your side, holding your body straight with feet together and one arm flexed directly under your shoulder.

“Meanwhile, the prone sky dive plank is slightly less excruciating, as you have to lie on your tummy and gently raise your chest off the floor until your tummy muscles beg for mercy,” the source added.

Moreover, an insider revealed that Kate uses an inflated gym ball to work her abs. As her impressive physique and active lifestyle have progressed, the princess is always ready to try new sports.

Kate played hockey and tennis at school and even participated in cross-country running. However, her school years were also very tough, as she was bullied in the worst possible way.

Today, though, it seems like one of her favorite activities involves her children and is performed early in the morning – the trampoline. But unfortunately, that has led to a minor injury for Kate.

Kate Middleton has always been one for fashion. She started “The Kate Effect,” which had a significant effect on many companies, and now, as the royal wallet sure is quite extensive, she can pick out the outfits she wants.

Kate Middleton
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

However, that doesn’t mean that she only goes for the high fashion brands but has instead been seen wearing clothes ordinary people can relate to and, most importantly, also wear. Hence, looking like a princess has never been easier!

Visited a prison

Princess Diana was often called “The People’s Princess.” For some, it may have become apparent that Kate will walk down the same path.

No matter what, last week, Kate at least showed that she, just like anyone else, can get hurt despite having all her security and other measures taken to protect her.

On Tuesday, Princess Kate visited HM Prison High Down in Sutton. She was there to learn more about the work the Forward Trust – which she became a patron of in June 2021 – does to help those in the criminal justice system recover from their addictions.

The trust, which operates in 25 prisons across the UK, allows prisoners to address their mental health issues as well as substance abuse and also provides considerable support when it comes to housing and employment when released.

During the visit, Kate spoke with several inmates about overcoming alcohol addiction, saying she doesn’t believe addiction is a choice. She also went to the prison’s restaurant, which trains prisoners in hospitality.

For the prison visit, Kate sported a beautiful Alexander McQueen dress – and showed off her entirely new hairstyle, which was described by the Daily Mail as “70s-style bangs and curls in her slightly shorter locks.”

Kate has entered her second year as the Princess of Wales, and the new haircut has a different meaning, according to award-winning personal stylist Lisa Talbot.

Kate Middleton
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Talbot argues that it implies that Kate is keen on following trends and change with time.

Kate Middleton injured herself while trampolining with her children

Just like the royal family itself, a new royal era has begun.

“With a new season coming it’s lovely to see Kate showcasing a new hairstyle which is slightly shorter & with more layering,” Lisa Talbot said.

“I think this signifies a royal that is young and modern and really wants to embrace a fresh look that creates a personal brand that draws the public to her. It shows trust, empathy, kindness, and a wanting to show that she is like many women who can and will change with the times.”

While Kate’s haircut stood out, there was another detail that had many worried. The princess sported a bandage on her fingers, implying that she had injured herself.

During her visit, Kate revealed that she had hurt herself while trampolining with her children at their home in Windsor. Kensington Palace described it as “a small injury, nothing serious,” Kate began joking about her strapped-up fingers when speaking to a parent of one of the prisoners.

“I suppose as a family, we were just very active,” Princess Kate said just days earlier on Mike Tindall’s podcast, The Good, The Bad, And The Rugby.

“And I can always remember being physical, using our bodies, whether it’s walking, climbing the lake district in Scotland [or] swimming from a young age. [My parents] always encouraged us to be physically active and sporty, and they always encouraged us into doing team sports and trying things.”

Unfortunately, the injury on her fingers prevented Kate from enjoying her and WIlliam’s visit to a primary school in Hereford on Thursday. Due to her taped-up fingers, she couldn’t put on gloves and help William saw through a log.

“I can’t even put that on because I’ve got two fingers stuck together!” she said.

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