Kathie Lee Gifford never forgot her faith in her career – she made Hollywood a ‘place with God’

Kathie Lee Gifford at this point is a household name because of her years of work in the entertainment industry. But what many people might not know is that even while remaining in the spotlight, she has never given up her faith.

Kathie Lee Gifford has been close to her faith since she was a young girl. She can even recall as a teenager when God spoke to her. She said in an interview, “to be a light in the darkness even while working in the entertainment industry.”

69-year-old Lee Gifford gained fame through hosting the famous shows, “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee” and then later NBC’s show “Today.” Now she spends most of her time dedicating her life to God and spreading his word.


In an interview on Sadie Robertson Huff’s podcast, she bared her truth for the world to hear. She said her father had told her as a young girl to find something she was good at, and find a way to be paid for it.

She said, “too many people settle for less than their life’s purpose.” And the purpose for her life she felt was to create art and entertainment through music, movies, and more!

While a lot of people might not consider Hollywood and a pursuit of fame in the world of entertainment a noble cause or spiritual, she has a different perspective.

She says that God is a creator himself and made humans in his image and hence she is also just “co-creators with Him.”


She addressed the popular belief that Hollywood is a Godless place. This is something she does not believe, she said there is no such thing as a ‘godless place’ as God is everywhere.


“‘There might be people that don’t know yet God and don’t know that He loves him. But there is no godless place on this planet,’ Gifford said. ‘There’s no godless place in this cosmos and all of creation. God, the Creator, is everywhere.’”

The legendary show host has always been vocal about her beliefs and recently made headlines for defending marriage on Fox News.

“‘I knew every time I walked on a movie set, on a television set, or a recording studio or a stage, or a Baptist church, or Israel or whatever — it was God’s world. And I got the privilege of being in it and walking in it with Yeshua, Jesus,’ the entertainer said,” she has said about God’s presence in her life.

She went on, adding, “And He would be with me whether I was talking to Jay Leno or I was talking to Billy Graham. I had to be authentically a Child of God Kathie Lee wherever I went. And when I started separating those two is the only time I ever got in trouble. … He created all the world.”

Clearly Kathie Lee Gifford has strong feelings about her relationship with God and how she views his creation. What do you think about her comments about God being everywhere? Let us know in the comments.

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