Keanu Reeves caught on camera demonstrating how to be a perfect gentleman

It’s easy to think that world-famous actors don’t have their feet on the ground. Surrounded by fame, fortune, and fabulous friends, they’re often perceived as arrogant and self-centered—which is why I was so happy to see this clip make a big splash on YouTube.

To start with, Keanu Reeves, known for movies like “The Matrix” and “Speed,” takes the subway, instead of traveling in a sports car or limousine like many other celebrities do. But it’s what the actor does for a female passenger that really shows that he’s both down-to-earth and a true gentleman.

It’s a pretty simple gesture, but it’s often the little things that make up the big picture. And Keanu Reeves’ courtesy toward to this stranger makes really warms my heart.

A perfect lesson in how to behave toward your fellow human being—from Keanu Reeves. Please share this clip to encourage everyone to do nice things for each other!

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