Kelly Clarkson tears up at Henry Winkler’s advice about her daughter’s bullying because of her diagnosis

Kelly Clarkson has been hosting her talk show for a while now. But her latest guest was actor Henry Winkler and the songstress had a very emotional reaction to their conversation. What Winkler said actually made her weep.

Keep reading to know more about their heartfelt conversation.


Kelly Clarkson talked to Henry Winkler about his books and the number of books he has written. This prompted her to open up to him about a personal experience where she cited the older actor as an inspiration. She opened up about how her eight-year-old child, River had had an experience at school which made the 40-year-old singer talk to her about Winkler.


Winkler and River have something in common; a Dyslexia diagnosis.

“I find that amazing to tell my daughter that you’ve written like forty books, and you’re dyslexic,” she said to Winkler. “Because she was getting bullied at school for not being able to read like all the other kids.”


According to the International Dyslexia Association, “dyslexia is a language-based learning disability” and “people have difficulties with specific language skills, particularly reading”.

During their conversation, Clarkson told him the morning her daughter was bullied her school had had an entire session on Dyslexia and what it is. And Clarkson said she had no idea how common a Dyslexia diagnosis really was. This prompted Winkler to point out that one in five children get a diagnosis!

She said her daughter felt empowered to know that Winkler had authored dozens of books despite his diagnosis. This prompted the older actor to look towards the camera and give the young child a personal message. He said, “She’s part of the tribe!” Winkler said, before adding: “River, how you learn, has nothing to do with how brilliant you are.”


This message melted Clarkson’s heart and she teared up immediately. She grabbed a tissue to dab at her eyes while assuring everyone she was fine “fine”. She then joked about how her her “makeup artist [was] going to kill” her. She then acknowledged how “nice” it was for her to hear Winkler’s advice.

Clarkson’s conversation with Winkler was not the first one she had with him. The two met on an appearance Angie Martinez’s IRL Podcastand talked about their thoughts on their parent’s divorce. She talked about how she tucks her children in at night and makes sure they are taken care of.

“I literally ask my kids every night when we’re snuggling, ‘Are you happy? And if you’re not, what could make you happier?’” she said at the time. “A lot of times it would be like, ‘You know, I’m just really sad. I wish mommy and daddy were in the same house.’ And they’re really honest about it. And I’m raising that kind of individual.”


She said it kills her that her children feel this way since she also grew up with divorced parents.

“I just sit there and I’m like, ‘I get it. I’m from a divorced family as well. I get it. That sucks. But we’re going to work it out. And you are so loved by both of us.’”

She added, “I think communicating with them … and not treating them like an adult, because they’re noot, but not treating them like a child. They’re not small feelings. Those are huge feelings, and those are huge emotions.”

It is so heartwarming to see that Kelly Clarkson and her child were able to find comfort because of Henry Winkler’s story.

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