Kind customer raises over $100,000 for 82-year-old Walmart employee and helps him retire

Everyone deserves to be able to retire. But for some people, it is not an option. An 82-year-old veteran was helped by a kind stranger who helped him finally retire.

This story is a reminder that kindness can come from anyone…

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82-year-old veteran Butch Marion was working 30 hours a week at Walmart to help pay bills and make ends meet. When Rory McCarty was checking out of the store with the batteries he bought, he told his 82-year-old cashier about a TikTok he saw.

The TikTok showed a young content creator raising funds for another older Walmart employee in order to help them retire. McCarty filmed his interaction with Marion, asking him what he thought of funds being raised to help older Walmart employees retire.

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He said it sounded great and that is what started it all. Marion posted the video and encouraged everyone to donate to the fundraiser he was organizing for McCarty.

“I just wanted to put something in motion and the lord did the rest,” McCarty said.

This week, Marion walked out of Walmart for the last time as McCarty presented to him a check for $108,000.


“I love you, man,” McCarty told Marion.

“I love you too,” Marion said back.

Marion says he will use the money to pay some bills and then take a well-deserved trip to Florida to see his daughters and grandchildren who he has not seen for years.

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Marion and McCarty have also started a wonderful friendship with one another. They ride ATVs and also get meals together.

“I feel like a new man,” Marion said about receiving the generous amount of money that will help him to retire. “This is just unreal,” the senior said.

While Marion did retire years ago, he returned to work a Walmart job to help pay bills.

This is such a happy story with a wonderful ending. We are sending Butch Marion and Rory McCarty our very best!

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