Parents In This Town Will Now Be Fined If Their Children Are Caught Bullying.

Children can be so cruel to each other. With all of the nasty words, mocking laughter, and sometimes physical violence that occurs on school campuses, there never seems to be an end to bullying. And unfortunately this means that every day, some children are forced to go to school with a lump in their throat. Now, officials in Shawano, Wisconsin hope to put a stop to bullying with a new ordinance that’s just been enacted. Schools and police will address the problem jointly, but they’re not focusing on kids who bully. They’re also holding parents accountable. So from now on, if parents don’t get their children to stop this behavior, they will face steep fines.

After a tragic school shooting in Shawano, Wisconsin that had bullying as a backdrop, the city is taking strong measures in the fight against bullying.

Parents and guardians of children who bully other children will initially be called in for a conversation with police. But if nothing changes, the consequences will be substantial.

Parents will have 90 days after that first meeting to get their children to stop bullying. But if their children don’t stop bullying by that time, their parents will be fined $366, according to WFRV News.

“It’s been 99.9 percent positive,” Police Chief Mark Kohl said to the Huffington Post.

And not only that, if there is a second offense within a year, the bully’s parents with face $681 in fines.

“I need to know that not just my kids are safe but all the kids are safe. You know, like this shouldn’t be happening,” mother Kylee Jones, whose son has been bullied since middle school, told WFRV.

She continued, “I feel like parents need to communicate with their kids more.”

According to WFRV, the principal of Shawano Community High School will soon meet with police to discuss how to implement the ordinance and deter bullying.

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