Plus-sized influencer defends her body after being shamed by neighbors

A recent viral TikTok video has been sparking conversations about body positivity, challenging societal beauty norms and highlighting the importance of embracing the skin you’re in.

The trending video features Gillian, a confident plus-size woman, boldly expressing herself and celebrating her unique identity, particularly in terms of fashion choices.

“I’m a fatty and wear what I want in my pool. I don’t care if it makes my neighbors uncomfortable,” she said via the Scottish Sun. The title of her video was: “What I wear in my pool that makes my neighbour feel uncomfortable.”

In her video, Gillian – who goes by the handle @spanxbeluga – shows off her unapologetic approach to poolside fashion, transitioning from a bright orange summer dress to a pale blue bikini.


Wear what you want because and let others let you live rent free in there minds. Swimsuit is from @Alpine Butterfly shoes from @Torrid sunglasses from @Amazon #ifykyk #fyp #plussizecommunity #bodypositivity #fatcommunity #plussizetiktok #plussizefashion #plussizeedition #whatiwear

♬ I’m Good (Blue) – Cupido

While she is often criticized for her clothing choices, Gillian has said that she’s committed to proving that everyone deserves to have the freedom to express themselves through fashion without being judged by others’ opinions.

In response to a comment about modesty, where someone remarked that modesty was dead, Gillian humorously replied that it “should have died a long time ago.”

Though, Gillian’s comments section has also been flooded with positivity, with many praising and expressing admiration of her confidence. Some people even wrote that her neighbor’s judgement towards her fashion choices might even stem from jealousy.

Gillian addresses the situation with clarity, emphasizing that her goal is not to make people uncomfortable, but that she should also be allowed to wear whatever makes her feel happy and confident.

“It is not my goal to make people uncomfortable. People are uncomfortable because I wear what I want, and I’m a bigger person,” she said, per the Scottish Sun. “It’s not on me. I’m not going to cover up. I’m just not gonna cover up for anyone. That’s not who I am. I’m not going to feel bad about how I look,” she added.

Gillian said that she’s just happy with who she is and what she sees in the mirror, saying: “I’m comfortable in my own skin, and I wear what I want to wear. Clothing is a form of expression, and I want to wear what I like, and that’s just what I do. And society isn’t going to tell me not to.”

What do you think about Gillian’s video and body positivity? Let us know in the comments!


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