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Police Officer Helped A Homeless Man. 6 Months Later, He Gets An Unexpected Thank You.

One day when police officer Matt Holman was on duty in Greenville County, South Carolina, he came across a man he’d never seen before. He asked the man if he lived around there, and the man, Robert Morris, replied that he was homeless and used to live a tent in the forest, but his tent had been swept away. Matt soon found out that Robert hadn’t had a particularly easy life. After his sister died, Robert drowned his sadness in alcohol and drugs, which destroyed his relationship with his brother and other sister. Robert’s biggest wish was to have a bible so he’d have something to read out there in the woods. Officer Matt usually kept one or two in his squad car for such occasions, but on that day, he couldn’t find one. However, he did have his own personal bible, which he was genuinely attached to. But Matthew soon realized how much more Robert needed it than he did, and gave it to him as a gift. All of the local homeless shelters were full that day, but officer Matt felt that the least he could do was make sure that Robert had food in his stomach, so he bought him a meal before they parted. Then, half a year later, officer Matt received a voice message… from Robert. He called back and the two men ended up talking a few times. Robert said that Matt had saved his life, that he was one of the friendliest people he’d ever met, and that after meeting him, he turned his life around. Indeed, Robert checked himself into a facility to work on his mental health issues, got himself off the streets, and reconnected with his brother and sister. Sadly, Robert passed away unexpectedly in March 2015, but thanks to kindhearted officer Matt, Robert died a completely changed man. It’s a testament to the power of even one positive interaction between two people, and it also shows how much we can all help each other just by being kind. In order to honor both Robert and Matt, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department put together a video about the meeting between the two men. It features a 911 call that Robert Morris made before he died to thank officer Matt for helping him change his life and let him know how eternally grateful he was. Watch it below!

Were you also moved by the meeting of these two men and the effect it had on Robert’s life? If so, please share!

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