Popular toy exploded in Alexandre's hand - now he's warning others

Popular toy exploded in Alexandre’s hand – now he’s warning others

Alexander Dögl recently acquired the so-called fidget spinner – a toy that has become very popular recently. 

But he thought it spinned too slowly, and decided alongside some colleagues, to give it a little extra spin.

They shouldn’t have done that.

“I looked down and there was blood everywhere,” Alexander told Expressen

The toy is supposed to be designed to help children with concentration difficulties, but has also become a popular toy for a wide variety of people.

25-year-old Alexander decided to jump on the trend.

At first he found it boring.

But later, competing alongside two colleagues, he decided to see just how fast he could make the popular toy spin.

They used a compressed air gun to try to get it to go faster – a move he has since regretted. Needless to say, it’s not how the toy is supposed to work.

“I held it in my hand and sprayed air on it. It started to go faster until fumes started to come out of it. Then it exploded,” he told local media.

Blood came gushing out and his colleagues had to drive him to the emergency room, where he required six stitches.

“I was sent for X-rays, and they saw that I had a fracture in my thumb and the tendon had also been damaged.”

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