Public shocked Paris Hilton admits she didn’t change son’s diaper for one month, calls baby her ‘accessory’

Public shocked Paris Hilton admits she didn’t change son’s diaper for one month, calls baby her ‘accessory’

Paris Hilton is a hot mess when it comes to cleaning diapers.

The 42-year-old hotel heiress recently revealed on her TV show Paris in Love, that she hadn’t changed her baby’s diaper and only learned how one month after little Phoenix Barron was born.

Unimpressed by her shocking admission, the public was further outraged by her behavior when she finally slipped a dirty diaper from her son’s little bottom, giggling and gagging while proclaiming repeatedly, “I’m scared!”

Keep reading to learn why fans are saying her behavior is so not hot!

Despite Paris Hilton, 42, and husband Carter Reum, earlier claiming they planned to keep their children out of the spotlight, 10-month-old Phoenix Barron recently starred in his mom’s reality TV series Paris in Love.

And his appearance led to a dump of negativity on her social media.

No one expected Hilton – the mother of Phoenix and newborn London, both welcomed via surrogate – would be a traditional mom. But, the public was unsettled when learning she had never changed Phoenix, who at the time of filming an episode three of season two, was 32 days old.

“You’re pooping a lot,” the reality star turned businesswoman tells a tiny Phoenix.

Next, she asks her younger sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild, “Should I learn how to change his diaper?” After Nicky says “Yeah,” Hilton continues speaking with Phoenix, “I said I wouldn’t do this on my birthday, but I will for you…Anything for Phoenix.”

Hilton, holding Phoenix in her arms, follows her puzzled sister to the changing table, where the nanny is waiting.

“OK, I’m scared,” she says.

“You’ve never done it?” Rothschild, 40, asks.

Placing Phoenix on the table, Hilton replies, “no.”

Watching Rothschild loosen up a fresh disposable nappy, the nanny then shows her the front and the back, and explains how to remove the old, loaded diaper.

Working on removing the poop-filled diaper from her baby’s bottom, Hilton makes gagging sounds and says again, “I’m scared.”

After the job is complete, Rothschild says “Motherhood, you’ve got to get your hands a little bit dirty.”

Meanwhile, fans are reacting to this shocking scene online, accusing Hilton of using the baby as an “accessory” to her “photo shoots.”

One fan writes, “So not only did you not carry your own child, but you won’t change his diaper either? What do you do for him? Oh wait, photo shoots!!!” And a second shares, “So the baby is just an accessory got it.”

Other fans expressed their concern for her ability to properly parent a child.

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum pictured at the Grammy Awards in February. Credit / Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty.

“Wealth is a burden if it makes you unable to function normally,” writes one netizen while another snipes, “All the money in the world can’t teach you to be a mother…but all the money in the world can get you a child!!!”

A third shares, “How do you go out of your way to have children via surrogacy but then you’re TOO SCARED to change a diaper?! What’s the point of having a baby then??”

But not everyone joined the attack. A handful of cybernauts came to her defence: “I know moms who didn’t bathe their children for the first 6 months. They sponge bathed them b,ut they were terrified of the water with them. New moms handle things in their own way and own timing.”

Sparing the socialite further judgement, another kind netizen writes, “You’re not the first person who’s been afraid nor the last. Congratulations. Such a beautiful child.”

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