Quincy Jones rushed to hospital following medical emergency

Quincy Jones has the rare honor of being titled a living legend for the amount of work he has done for the music industry. The prolific music producer turned 90 years old this year.

Recently, news came out about him having to make an emergency visit to the hospital. Keep reading to learn more about what happened.


Quincy Jones has been released from the hospital following a medical emergency that landed him there.

According to Jones’ representative, the 90-year-old music producer had a bad reaction to some food he ate, and out of caution, he called 911 for help. Paramedics rushed to Jones’ Los Angeles home Saturday afternoon to manage the situation.

Jones’ was then transported to the hospital, where he was immediately checked out by doctors to ensure he was okay. He was then released from the hospital fairly soon, given the green light by medical professionals.

His representative shared that the veteran music producer never lost consciousness through the whole ordeal and was in “great spirits” throughout the incident.


Jones’ turned 90 years old in March this year. He has been adored by several artists from various generations. “He is a blueprint of this industry!” singer and actress Jennifer Hudson said of the prolific producer, with Ludacris agreeing, “Everyone in the music industry looks up to Quincy Jones. It’s that simple.”

Chaka Khan declared the producer “the best that there ever was in his field.”

“Everybody who ever is around Quincy Jones says the same thing, that there’s a light about him,” Oprah Winfrey said in an interview back in 1996, adding how he “stole my heart when we did The Color Purple.”

Oprah Winfrey

The producer’s daughter, actress Rashida Jones also gushes about what a wonderful father he is, saying, “He is very supportive of anything that I decided to do.”

As for his own legacy, the humble producer does not think of it much. In 1990 he said he doesn’t “have a clue” what that will be but that he was “just going to keep on doing my thing and hope that it will mean something to somebody.”


We are sending the music producer Quincy Jones our best wishes for his health. Share this piece with others so they can know about Quincy’s health update, and send him prayers as well!