Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin's love survived divorce and death

Sandra Dee never recovered from Bobby Darin’s death – he came to visit her from beyond the grave

Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee at one point were considered Hollywood royalty for being one of the hottest young couples around. But as time passed, their relationship suffered.

But their love for one another never faltered. Their son later revealed the details of his parents’ complicated relationship with one another.

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Sandra Dee was the nation’s sweetheart, captivating hearts with her girl-next-door beauty and grace. Similarly, she caught Bobby Darin’s eye when the two were starring alongside one another in the movie “Come September.”

Darin once revealed that he had decided to marry Sandra Dee, the first time he had laid eyes on her. But Sandra was less than impressed and did not feel the same way at all. She was determined to ignore Bobby and his advances.

However, her mother Mary Zuck had told her to keep things cordial between her on-screen leading man which is why she accepted his invitation to a date. After their first date, there was no looking back. She decidedly had started to fall in love with Darin.

At the time Sandra was 18-years-old and Bobby was 24-years-old, they decided to get engaged which Sandra’s mother was not too happy about. In 1960, the couple eloped, making their vows official.

A year after their marriage, they welcomed their son, Dodd Darin. Soon after, Dee’s career started to falter. All of this took a toll on the couple, who ultimately divorced in 1967. After their divorce, Darin seemingly moved on as he even re-married Andrea Yeager.

However, it was not as easy to say goodbye to one another for the young couple. They even lived together after their divorce had been finalized. And when in 1973, Darin had health problems, Sandra Dee was by his side providing him love and comfort in his final days.

Author Dee Cameron, who was a close friend of the couple revealed later on that the two had decided on giving their love a second chance but that opportunity never came.

This was because Bobby Darin passed away at the young age of 37. Bobby had been plagued with health issues in the years leading up to this death. The final straw had been an open heart surgery that Bobby went through, which had failed and he was not able to recover from.

After Bobby Darin’s death, Sandra Dee’s mental health suffered quite a lot. As a child, her stepdad Eugene Douvan sexually abused her which lead to her developing anxiety. Later on, as she delved into modeling and acting, she developed an eating disorder.

During her brief marriage to Bobby Darin, she developed alcoholism and gambling addiction. After Darin’s death, the grip her vices had on her strengthened even further. This made the actress go down a spiral of depression.

Their son Dodd Darin bore witness to all of this. He wrote his book “Dream Lovers: The Magnificent Shattered Lives of Bobby Darin And Sandra Dee,” to tell the world his parent’s story. In his book, he wrote about how his mother did all she could to be a great parent to him.

But her eating disorder and alcoholism plagued her even as her son entered adulthood and started his own family.

When she became a single mom responsible for the well-being of her child, she started her career as a real estate agent. She wanted to provide for her son but the career did not bring her any joy. According to her son, after she lost her career in Hollywood, she started to think very little of herself.

He wrote, “In her mind, unless she was Sandra Dee, who had a major career and had things going, she was nothing and absolutely nobody. That’s how she feels about herself.”

In 1993, Dodd Darin was set to be married but his mother’s absence from his nuptials raised a lot of eyebrows. It was later found out that while the mother-son are incredibly close, his mother did not come to the wedding because of anxiety. She was having a hard time dealing with the idea of having to dine with her son’s in-laws.

A lot of people did not believe this excuse because the vivacious starlet was so confident in her Hollywood years. No one could fathom her being afraid of a dinner.


Professional psychic John Cohan revealed details about Sandra Dee’s life. He revealed that he believe the starlet was considering suicide. He also revealed that while Dee lived alone with her live-in maid Sonya, she regularly enjoyed some male company… from her late ex-husband.

Before her demise, she had believed that Darin visited her from beyond the grave and the two would often have long conversations with one another.

But eventually, she had to quit alcohol because of the toll it was taking on her health. She was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2000 and this is what ultimately took her life. In 2005, she passed away and joined Bobby Darin in death.

Even today, Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin are missed by their fans all over the world.

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