Singer marries ghost of Victorian soldier – now reveals strange reasons for their divorce

A British singer divorced her husband whom she had been married for less than one year, exorcising him back to his grave.

The couple wed on Halloween in 2022, and soon after, the once “warm” soul of the man–who preferred to be unseen–became angry with the woman for publicizing their vows online. And then she lashed out, calling him cheap for not covering expenses for their honeymoon at a seaside resort in Barry Island, Wales.

With heartbreaking news swirling the world, we thought we’d share this uniquely disturbing–but entertaining–story with you! Keep reading to find out more about the woman who was quite literally ghosted!

A woman known as Brocarde, a songwriter and performer from Oxfordshire, fell in love with the long-haired Edwardo, a sentimental spirit who shared his deepest darkest secrets with her.

Her romance with the “devilishly handsome” Edwardo started “one dark and stormy night” after he “burst” into her bedroom. Shortly after the meeting, the two pledged their love to one another.

The 40-year-old, who was wearing all black, married Edwardo on Halloween, later posting the video on her Instagram, which captured the interest of the public.

The peculiar video was intriguing not because of the hauntingly dark chapel, but because Brocarde was facing an empty space where the ghost of Edwardo was said to be standing.

She married the ghost of a Victorian soldier.


She told local media: “After our initial meeting Edwardo slowly revealed more about himself to me…I saw his images as a Victorian solider, he was always in his uniform, even on our wedding day, his face is devilishly handsome, shoulder length unruly hair, he looks lived in, well worn, troubled almost, there’s a pain attached to his being.”

It was the wedding that truly puzzled netizens, who had lots to say, many suggesting she go for therapy. “Someone call the men in white coats,” while another, offering support writes: “You can book (an) appointment with me (if) you want, I’m actually professional in my office, even when I’m cringing on the inside.”

Many users said the woman, who walked down the aisle to one of her own songs, married the ghost for publicity. “Best song she’s done,” and another adds, “You’re a complete legend.”


One might believe that marrying a ghost is the woman’s biggest problem but, according to Brocarde it was finding a chapel and a willing officiant.

“I think there is a bit of an issue with religion and the afterlife. Not all priests believe,” Brocarde said, adding that when she was exploring wedding venues, she was kicked out of churches and threatened with exorcisms.

The woman–who said she didn’t believe in ghosts until meeting her now ex-husband–describes the wedding as a ceremony attended by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Henry VIII.

Marilyn Monroe caused quite the stir, she said: “Edwardo just couldn’t resist winding me up and made an inappropriate comment about her looking hot. I was like ‘wow really? It’s our wedding day’. The comment completely ruined my evening!”

And then, Brocarde claimed that Edwardo destroyed their honeymoon by drinking too much and for being “cheap.”

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“Edwardo obviously doesn’t have a bank card so it is always me that has to pick up the tab everywhere we visit…and he certainly likes to go wild in our hotel room minibars.” Brocarde continued, “Liquor bottles are always mysteriously left empty, aside from the gin bottle, they are always left standing, he’s obviously not that partial to that spirit.”

And the honeymoon period ended quickly. Brocarde claims Edwardo would disappear for days and when he returned, he’d smell like Chanel No.5, which was Monroe’s favorite fragrance.

On top of it all, her unfaithful boo shifted from “warm and intense” to threatening.

Recently, the woman announced her split from her cheating husband and returned to the chapel where they married to exorcise him from her mind.


Truly an interesting story. There are so many baffling parts, and we wonder how it makes sense that Edwardo doesn’t have a bank card but is able to drink.

Whether she staged this wedding for publicity or because it’s what she believes, we hope she gets the help she needs for freeing herself!