Single dad supports adopted daughter at school Mother’s Day event – turns up in wig and dress

Any parent will tell you that having kids is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences life can give – and even when everything seems too difficult or challenging, parents will often go the extra mile if it means it’ll make their children happy.

So, when this single dad discovered that his daughter’s school in Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand, was holding a mother-and-daughter event, he leapt into action.

He certainly didn’t want his daughter, Cream, to miss out on having a lovely experience, so he decided to step up as her mother… Melting hearts across the internet in the process.

Joe Lookphonbodee, 48 – who is also a teacher at the school – chose to sport a black and white gingham dress and long wig for the occasion. In a video posted to TikTok, students’ moms were seen sitting on chairs in rows while the children knelt on the floor beside them.

In Thailand, a single dad dressed up as a woman to attend a school event for his adopted daughter on Mother's Day, which…

Posted by The Stoly on Tuesday, August 15, 2023

When Mr. Lookphonbodee’s daughter saw her dad dressed up as her ‘mother’ for the first time, she hugged him tightly and couldn’t hold back her tears.

After their sweet embrace, the girl continued to kneel while her dad lovingly fixed her hair. Their sweet reaction swiftly went viral, showing the unbreakable bond between a father and his daughter.

After being posted to TikTok, the heartwarming clip garnered over 390,000 views and almost 40,000 likes. Netizens commented on Mr. Lookphonbodee’s thoughtful move and his daughter’s sweet reaction to it.

The caption on the TikTok video – which had been posted by Mr. Lookphonbodee – read: “Mom, I can be you.”


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Mr. Lookphonbodee later said of the cute moment to Bangkok Biz News: “Personally, I’m not ashamed because I love my child. And we do fun activities together as usual.”

Cream also spoke about her dad’s admirable efforts, saying that she loved and appreciated what he did for her, and that because she has him as her father she knows she isn’t lacking anything in her life. She also described Mr. Lookphonbodee’s outfit as “beautiful” and “cute”.

Mr. Lookphonbodee – the school’s physical and health education teacher – is affectionately known as “Teacher Joe” by his students, and adopted Cream as a single parent.

Every day, they travel together to Ban Noen Kroi School in the Kamphaeng Phet province in Thailand, where Cream spends her days as a student and Mr. Lookphonbodee a teacher.

What a loving and thoughtful act by Mr. Lookphonbodee! It all just goes to show that some parents really do go the extra mile for their children. How sweet!