These Frat Guys’ Surprise For A Girl With Cancer Just Blew Me Away. TEARS.

These Frat Guys’ Surprise For A Girl With Cancer Just Blew Me Away. TEARS.

There’s something about unlikely friendships that can warm a heart. Building a bond with people of a different age can lead to a profound and special kind of friendship. That’s precisely what happens in this moving story. It begins with 12-year-old Lexi Brown. The young girl tragically suffers from sarcoma, a type of cancer. Lexi recently had to be airlifted into the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA in California, USA. So far, the story is deeply saddening… But Lexi’s new dwelling would prove to lead to new adventures. It started one day when Lexi and her mom decided to pass the time and have fun and write up a mock sign which they held up in the window, asking someone to deliver them pizza. Across her hospital room stood a student residence for a fraternity. The young men noticed the sign , and began planning on doing something very special for Lexi. They decided to stop in, not just with pizza, but with flowers and a guitar. They played music for the cancer-struck girl, moving her mother to complete tears… But that visit was just the beginning of an unexpected friendship – and the Christmas surprise that is now being hailed by tens of thousands online.

Here is Lexi Brown, just 12, in her hospital bed at the Mattel Children’s Hospital. She suffers from a serious form of cancer which has unfortunately spread her lungs.


This home across the street houses a fraternity of UCLA college students. They first noticed Lexi when she and her mom jokingly put up a sign asking for pizza from her hospital room window.


The college boys delivered. Not only did they heed to her pizza request, they visited with flowers, guitar, and their huge hearts. They sang for Lexi and her mom, trying to provide even temporary relief to the horrors of cancer. Then, for the following weeks, they began to visited her regularly, almost every day.


As December approached, it was time for the annual Christmas decorating. The boys decided to take a rather ‘untraditional’ approach to their decorations that year and came up with THIS. Lexi and her mom report having been moved to tears.


Here’s a news report about the unexpected friendship between Lexi and the frat boys, which is no doubt inspiring thousands of Americans to do something special for someone who needs it this Christmas.

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